Rum Oasis Luxury Camp

Fine Dining

As the only place of its kind in Wadi Rum, our restaurant provides an unforgettable ambiance and experience for anyone looking for something special. Whether you are planning a romantic get-together, a dinner party, a birthday party, or a wedding day, both the multi-purpose tent and the coffee shop will suit you perfectly. Our dedicated and experienced staff will make sure all the essentials for a successful event are handled with attention to every little detail, allowing you to focus on the event itself Read More...

Rum Oasis Luxury Camp

Bedouin Tent

Besides Bedouin Tents or Nomad Tents, these tents are also known as Black Tents. The traditional Black tent membrane is made from goat’s and camel’s wool and handwoven by the Bedouin women on ground looms. Inside, cooling happens by convection with air entering and escaping through the loose fiber. The black fiber provides a dense shade in the daytime and protects against the cold in the night

Oasis Bedouin tent based in the middle of the camp to give you the best the best experience in the desert to enjoy the Ture arabinan ambience at this typical good quality Bedouin campsite, with traditional carpets low tables and cushions for comfortable seating and relaxation .